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  • The social marketplace for arts, jewellery & antiques

    my-artmap stands for love of art and international networking between art lovers, artists, galleries, auction houses, collectors, dealers and all those interested in art.

  • Buying

    Our shop presents to you outstanding art works as sculptures, paintings, jewellery, watches and furniture as well as many other exciting objects.

    Discover our SHOPS and let yourself be fascinated!

  • Artists

    On our platform, artists present their art objects to an interested and well funded audience all over the world in their own personalized sales gallery.

    Advances for artists: With my-artmap you only pay a fractional part of the usual commissions of market-standard galleries!

    Advances for members: Unlike in conventional galleries due to low fees more objects for instance fascinating paintings, sculptures will be presented!


  • Galleries & Art Dealers

    Renowned galleries and art dealers bet on my-artmap and present art objects in their own SHOP Gallery. Hereby members on the one hand benefit due to the big offer of art treasures presented in galleries and on the other hand dealers can acquire customers and interested people!


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