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my-artmap– the social network for art and art-market launches into 2012 with a new design, direct Facebook link and free iPhone App.


The German startup for art & art market has seen a steady, continuous growth in the past weeks and months. 2012 is the year that the social art network will really kick things off – with new design, free iPhone App and direct Facebook link.

Bamberg, Germany (January, 2012) – As a result of the incline in registered users in recent months, my-artmap has improved its user-friendliness by revamping the navigation and layout within its network. Furthermore, the online-based Art-community is showcased with a brand new design.

The future registration process will be facilitated via a direct link to the social network “Facebook”. There, users have the opportunity to register for my-artmap with their existing Facebook accounts. Through this procedure, a member’s first and last name, as well as their profile picture will automatically be imported to their my-artmap account, which should tremendously reduce the time of registration.

Another new feature is the iPhone and iPad App, which can now be downloaded from the “Apple App Store”, free of charge. This application allows the user to navigate the art community anytime, via their mobile network. In addition to allowing the user to locate nearby museums, art exhibits, and auctions, the app will also offer a live stream from the my-artmap “Newscafé”, which will keep the user updated on the latest news emerging from the art market.

And so, with the beginning of the new year, the newly developing art network is implementing three important steps, which will help realize the declared goal of connecting the international art market, while enriching it with corresponding services and contents.